The Regret the Error blog flagged a disclosure on Monday that surely must put the author of a Seattle newspaper piece into the Conflict Of Interest Hall Of Fame. This page contains many of the court documents that Rick Swart provided to the Seattle Weekly, backing up. Heart Full of Lies is a true crime story of love, betrayal, greed and violence. All posts and comments are purely individual speculation and personal opinion. UPDATED Liysa Northon LIYSA NORTHON, age 46, is currently incarcerated at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility at Wilsonville, Oregon for the drugging & shooting murder of.

Liysa Northon has worked at self employed, studied at University of Hawaii at Manoa, lives in Wilsonville, Oregon and is from Honolulu, Hawaii. Liysa Northon, a sociopath, would do anything if someone got in her way to satisfy her lust for. Our Purpose: Discussion of current and past true crime cases and other subjects. 2010 – November 16 – If anyone believes Liysa Northon has any remorse for her actions in the death of Chris Northon, reading her blog will quickly disabuse that notion. Liysa Northon; Documentation that proves Liysa was telling the truth.

Liysa Northon; Biographical Statement
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